Federal Programs

Joyce Davis
CTAE/Federal Programs Director

52 Yellow Jacket Drive – P.O. Box 1780
Hazlehurst, GA 31539

Phone: (912) 699-7005
Fax: (912) 375-6020


The mission of Federal Programs is to provide technical assistance, program monitoring and resources to local educational agencies (LEA) to ensure that all children have an opportunity to obtain a high quality education and to achieve proficiency on the state's high academic achievement standards.

Feel free to click on the links below to view the JDCSS Comprehensive Needs Assessment and District Improvement Plan. These are working documents and will be revised periodically during the school year. After reviewing the documents, feel free to contact me with any changes or revisions.

List of Federal Programs

Title I, Part A - Improving the Academic Achievement of the Disadvantaged
Title I, Part A - Family-School Partnership Program
Title I, Part A - Foster Care Program
Title I, Part C - Education of Migratory Children
Director of Health Centers and Educational Programs for Farmworkers
Title II, Part A - Supporting Effective Instruction
Title III, Part A - Language Instruction for English Learners and Immigrant Students
Title IV, Part A - Student Support and Academic Enrichment
Title V, Part B - Rural Education Initiative
Title IX, Part A - McKinney - Vento Homeless Assistance Act
Title I Schoolwide/School Improvement Plans