2019 Teacher of the Year Nominees

Jeff Davis Pre-K

  • Angela (Ge) CarterAngela (Ge) Carter
      1. Always on the go and you will never see her sitting down to rest.
      2. Has a great relationship with the students.
      3. Very organized and contributes great ideas in our staff meetings that benefit our school.

Jeff Davis Primary School

  • Shannon EvansShannon Evans
    1. A great resource for teachers to help struggling students.
    2. Sets high expectations for her SPED students and executes her plans for them to achieve academically and behaviorally.
    3. Loves her job and it shows through her work ethic and positive attitude.

Jeff Davis Elementary School

  • Denise HaleyDenise Haley
    1. Carries her load and helps others carry theirs as well.
    2. A True friend and an awesome educator.
    3. Truly loves her students and it shows because she holds them accountable and encourages them simultaneously.

Jeff Davis Middle School

  • Tina KingTina King
    1. The most caring and compassionate coworker.
    2. Has a cooperative attitude and passion for teaching; two very important attributes for a great teacher.
    3. Works with enthusiasm and a hard working attitude that is not only seen around our school but outside our building.

Jeff Davis High School

  • Cindy CorbittCindy Corbitt
    1. The "poster child" for what every student would love to have in each of their teachers.
    2. Hilarious personality and positive outlook about everything in life is contagious.
    3. A great teacher, colleague and friend.