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Hello and welcome to the Jeff Davis Middle School website. I find it very exciting and encouraging that so many of my students and their families visit this website, and are actively interested in our school. I encourage every parent to get actively involved in the Middle School and all of the programs in which your child is involved.

This year, the Middle School has taken a renewed focus on improving student performance. The daily schedule has been changed to allow additional time for academic instruction, as well as additional programs introduced to give struggling students a “second dose” of challenging content. The staff has also taken this focus to heart, with renewed and intensified emphasis being placed on identifying and assisting students who are having difficulties.

You as a parent play a vital role in this focus. Assist your child at home as much as possible. Read with your child. Ask them questions about what they have read. Have them explain the work they are doing. Have THEM teach YOU! As your child teaches you, they will learn the material as well. Visit the homework website. On the menu listing, go to Project Excite. There you will find each grade and teacher listed, and what is being studied in each class for the week.

Get involved in the Jeff Davis Middle School. We have a Parent/Teacher Association, or PTA. There are monthly meetings, with updates on what is going on at school, as well as presentations from various groups at the school. Activities and projects for the PTA are also topics of discussion and action. For more information concerning your getting involved in the PTA, contact the school, or this year’s PTA president, Sherrie Dykes.

Again, I am excited that you have taken the time to visit our website, and encourage you to get involved in Jeff Davis Middle School. We not only teach your child, but with your help, are molding them into productive and responsible young adults.

Barry Waller, Principal