Dear Parents:

Welcome to the Jeff Davis County Board of Education Pre-K program! We are honored that you have selected our program to provide early childhood services for you and your child. The beginning of a new school year is always an exciting time and this year the level of excitement is even higher than usual for our Pre-K staff. Our staff members have transformed the old middle school building into an Early Childhood center and through the use of Striving Reader grant funds, we have new active boards and projectors in all of our Pre-K classrooms. Our building is home for the Jeff Davis County Board of Education Pre-K program and the Jeff Davis Head Start program as well as the district level offices for special education, and our Migrant Education staff members.

We welcome and encourage family and community involvement. Both are critical components of a successful pre-k program. We are looking forward to working with you and your family this year. We hope that you will participate in the many opportunities for families that are offered throughout the year. Please discuss the ways you would like to become actively involved in your child’s education with your child’s teacher. The first of the National Education Goals states "all children will start school ready to learn." Research indicates that most students who attend a pre-k program enter kindergarten “ready to learn.” A wide variety of support services including transportation, special education services, parent resource centers, migrant services, resource speakers, and family literacy activities are available to Jeff Davis County Pre-K students.

We are fortunate to have dedicated staff members. They work tirelessly to provide high quality developmentally appropriate early childhood experiences for all of our students. All nine of our Jeff Davis Pre-K classrooms are staffed with certified, experienced teachers and paraprofessionals who are highly qualified. Each classroom has an enrollment of 22 students with a teaching ratio of 1/11 at all instructional times. Pre-K content standards are presented through utilization of the We Can curriculum which emphasizes developmentally appropriate activities in all developmental domains: language development, fine and gross motor skills, communication, personal/social development, and pre-readiness skills. All staff members complete a minimum of 15 hours of research-based professional learning activities each year.

Jeff Davis Pre-K provides ALL instructional supplies and mats for rest-time. Students will need to bring an extra set of clothes, a blanket or towel to cover up with during naptime, and a book-bag that is large enough to hold a folder. The book bag should be an appropriate size for the child and should not be on rollers.

Once again, we are excited about working with you and your family this year. Please know that it is our policy to treat each and every child entrusted to us like we want our personal children and grandchildren to be treated. We believe that “Kindness can Change the World” and strive to share that belief with others. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at 375-5048 or by e-mail saralyn.stapleton@jeff-davis.k12.ga.us


Saralyn G. Stapleton

Board Office
P.O Box 1780
44 Charles Rogers Blvd.
Hazlehurst, GA 31539
Phone: (912)375-6700 Fax: (912)375-6703