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Mission and Vision

The mission of the Jeff Davis County School System is to develop successful, productive citizens who make a positive contribution to society.

Our vision is to maintain a relentless pursuit of excellence as we prepare students for life.

- We believe all students can learn.
- We believe learning is a shared responsibility between the school, home, and community.
- We believe a safe, supportive, and structured environment provides for optimal learning.
- We believe effective teachers and leaders have a great impact on learning.
- We believe student success is necessary for economic growth.
- We believe in maximizing student achievement through good stewardship of funding.
1) Student Performance
Performance Objective: Promote student mastery of the curriculum
Performance Objective: Prepare nationally competitive students
Performance Objective: Increase student success

2) School and Community
Performance Objective: Maintain a positive culture and a safe orderly environment
Performance Objective: Expand opportunities for student, parent, and community

3) Procedures, Operations, and Support
Performance Objective: Ensure effective operational and administrative processes
Performance Objective: Enhance internal and external communication

4) Organizational Growth
Performance Objective: Maintain a competent and accountable work force
Performance Objective: Provide strong and relevant professional learning
Performance Objective: Build a positive and collaborative organizational