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Teacher of the Year

During the school year, each school allows its teachers to vote and select one teacher that has stood out among all the other teachers. This teacher must be an individual who is exceptionally dedicated, knowledgeable, and skilled in their field of education. After the voting process is completed, the teachers selected from each school are given an application that must be submitted to the district office by the end of October. After the applications are received, they are reviewed and graded by judges outside of our district during the month of November. The application that receives the highest cumulative score is named the “System Teacher of the Year.”
Our District will host an awards banquet where we will honor five of our system's most outstanding teachers. If you wish to help sponsor this event, please contact Sherry Brewer at 912-699-7019. More information on sponsoring can be found here https://www.jeff-davis.k12.ga.us/apps/news/article/1535532